The #1 Course for Entrepreneur Moms 

Back to Balance 

Discover what's been missing in your pursuit of success while trying to be a kick-ass mother...

So, You Are An Entrepreneur Building A Business...

And You Are a Mother

And while these two roles are totally different, everything you do is entwined with being a Mom. 
You can never let that part of you go...

But you have taken the leap of faith and launched a business of your own! 

Break out the Champagne, Mama, Because You Are Awesome!

You are putting in the hours, the passion... You may even have a Business Coach or a Marketing Strategist to help you and you are seeing some success. But to get to the next level you're going to need MORE TIME...

Because, somehow, motherhood still requires so much of you.

Your kids want your attention. They want you to play. They are being home-schooled now and seem to be needing something from you. Every. Ten. Minutes. You still run a household and are the appointed CEO of All The Things and juggling all these balls is starting to do your head in.

Your work time infiltrates your family time. Your family time infiltrates your work time. You may feel all over the place, stretched thin and even a little overwhelmed. You are struggling to be the best version of yourself.

And the last thing you want to do is give up on your business...

If you don't get your work-life balance sorted, it may become a reality
It's no secret 
Your first priority as a mother is to be available and present to your kids...
That's what makes you feel good
 Ditch the overwhelm and gain the energy you require as a busy, business-building mother!

How Many Times Have You:

  • Felt guilty for saying "no, I am busy" to the kids  
  • Been exhausted at the end of the day after being pulled in all directions
  • Been irritable and snappy at your partner or kids
  • ​Thought "I just can't do it all" and considered giving up
  • Considered holding off on your business plans until the kids are older
  • ​Had no energy left to be present with your family at the end of the day
  • Been distracted and unavailable
  • Wished you had more time to spend with your family / focus on your business
  • Felt stretched thin, overwhelmed and frazzled
  • Reacted badly and wished you had responded better

Welcome To

Back to Balance

The #1 Work-Life Balance Course for Entrepreneur Moms

Learn how to be present and available even when you are super busy.
Find your calm and focus amidst the craziness of being the CEO of All The Things. 

Become intentional with your time so that you get back in control...

An easy-to-consume video series designed to get your balance back and thrive in motherhood and in business.

You may not know this yet, but mindfulness based strategies are the most proven & effective way of attaining true work-life balance by becoming more present and intentional 

As a clinical psychologist with a decade's experience in mindfulness based strategies, I have tailor made a course designed just for you. I know you don't have time for a complete schedule overhaul. So I have hand picked tried and tested strategies that will get you exactly where you want to be without needing more time, or hours worth of training. 

Best of all... you don't even need to meditate (if you don't want to)

In Back to Balance You Will:

  • Receive easy to implement strategies that can plug and play into your daily schedule 
  • ​Find out how being more present can actually create more time
  • ​Discover how to be available & present with your kids even when you are super busy
  • ​Learn how to keep your cool and respond with patience & calm
  • ​Finally become the fun & energetic mom you were meant to be
  • ​Find out how simple strategies can increase the connection you have with your family
  • ​Experience the power of connection and how this is the key to creating more work-life balance
  • ​Be the mom you want to be AND be able to reach your goals
What You're Getting Inside the Back to Balance Course
Module 1:
 What's the magic strategy?

Discover a new spin on mindfulness & how you can benefit too

Look at the 5 sabotaging beliefs that get in the way of successful mindfulness

How to Set up for success in this course and onward
Module 2: 
Everyday Strategies for Busy Moms
The easy-to-implement strategies you can use every day

Discover the "Being All Here" and the "One Minute to Calm" strategy

Discover the easy way to meditate (if you'd like to try it)
Module 3: 
Mindful Parenting & Keeping Your Cool

Identify your parenting triggers and what sends you over the edge

Learning how to respond with calm, instead of reacting when you are overwhelmed

Discover how to use Connection as a substitute for yelling
Module 4: 
Connection With The Whole Family

Grab these age appropriate strategies for using mindfulness with your kids

Discover the fun way to connect in small moments 

Learn how to create a mindful family so your kids benefit from calm, focussed presence too

What Others Have Said:

"I have put my phone away and spent spare time being present and really listening to and playing with my children. we have had fun.... and when I need to go cook dinner... they have let me because they have had more time with me...or come and helped me! Life feels calmer and I want to keep the 1:1 time being really present"
"The guilt and resentment really disappears when I have meaningful connections with my family"

"... By making small changes I can accomplish so much more"

"I feel superhuman..."

Your Investment In Yourself

Now is the time to invest in yourself!

I bet you spend money with ease on anything child related. And it is easy to invest in business tools... but when last did you spend money on your wellbeing?

Getting your work-life balance right is paramount to your success.
When you feel good about how you are showing up then you are able to move mountains

Work-Life Balance means you create the time and freedom to focus on your family AND your business.

How much is that worth to you?

Back to Balance is available now at the incredible value of just $97 
USD $37

Better yet... You have a 100% Money Back Guarantee! If you complete the course showing evidence of all exercises completed and have still found absolutely no benefit then you may apply for a FULL REFUND! 
  • Life time access: So you can complete the course at your convenience and return to it at any time in the future
  • Money Back Guarantee: 100% refund if you complete the course and still found no benefits
  • Additional Support: Join a private group for additional support and mentoring as you enter your mindfulness journey


Troubleshooting Meditation Difficulties - 3 ways to improve your practice + Guided Meditation

Becoming An Intentional Family + Create Your Own Morning Routine Template

5 Great Mindfulness Based Games for the Whole Family To Increase Your Connection

Wow! Such Excellent Value...

Meet the Founder

Diante Fuchs, Founder of Motherhood Unstuck, is a Clinical Psychologist and ICF Qualified Wellness Coach.
After 10 years of private practice work in her therapy practice she moved toward supporting moms who feel driven to achieve their potential, follow their dreams and feel fulfilled while still being the most awesome mom they can be... 

Motherhood Unstuck is this dream where moms, like you, receive the support and guidance necessary to continue being AWESOME while also feeling fulfilled.

Why Back to Balance Is The Answer:

  • Receive a tailor made package of strategies designed specifically for busy, on the fly moms
  • Grow your connection with your kids and partner
  • Learn this simple technique to be present & available even when you are super busy
  • ​Show up as the mom you want to be - feel good about your parenting
  • ​No more guilt about being away, having to work, or focussing on your own needs
  • ​​Being present creates more time
  • ​Slowing down means becoming MORE productive, not less
  • Discover your ticket to ultimate work-life balance
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